Private LTE is just the start.

Our multi-access network helps organizations digitalize their field operations and save millions of dollars a year.
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Reliable 24/7 remote communications.
And you don’t have to build a thing.

Over 100

O&G clients




Square miles of coverage


Years of remote comms experience

iNet is the oil and gas industry’s leading provider of remote communications solutions.

We solve remote communications challenges in oilfield operations and other industries

As an end-to-end provider, we provide expertise, equipment, installations and maintenance with our field support teams, and oversight with our 24/7 network operations team. You get scalable, standardized and future-proofed IIoT solutions tailored to your needs and designed with our understanding of the oil and gas industry. Whether it’s drilling, completions, production or midstream assets, we can help solve your remote communications challenges.

The largest ready-built network in the U.S. dedicated to remote operations

In 2011, iNet recognized the need for reliable, real-time oilfield communications, and today, owns the largest private 4G/5G LTE network dedicated to oil and gas. iNet’s network covers over 130,000 square miles of shale basins (Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford, Scoop/Stack), and has field technical support in these areas to ensure you never experience any downtime. Get reliable connectivity at the edge.

Get secure, reliable 24/7 connectivity and support from remote communications experts

iNet’s private LTE network makes your data and operations inherently secure. With 24/7 boots-on-the-ground technical support and monitoring of our network and your plugged-in assets, we promise the reliability, security and customer support in the field that you might expect in the city. Ask us about our proactive monitoring, and intelligent visual monitoring solutions with exceptions-based alerting.

We enable digital transformation today and future-proofing for tomorrow

We enable the industrial internet of things (IIoT) like monitoring sensors for more efficient drilling and production operations, and real-time equipment and resource tracking. Connectivity is the foundation for remote IIoT, AI, M2M learning, automation and other promises of the digital oilfield. We can help you put these to use, increasing efficiency, productivity and site safety, while your company saves millions. Let us transform your remote operation and give you tools, reliability and ingenuity you thought you could only get in the city.

Improve safety through connectivity across your operation

Enable pad-wide gas or other hazardous condition monitoring for 24/7 remote detection of issues before they escalate. Give your field workers information they need – when they need it most. We enable the “connected worker” with real-time access to data for optimizing operational planning, collaborating with multiple field resources, and monitoring field worker’s position, health, or man-down hazards. Make your field data mobile and reduce rework, non-productive time and time to decision.

Build a safer, more efficient operation - today and tomorrow.

Digitalize field operations today/built to scale for tomorrow

Save millions of dollars every year

Enable more efficient operators

Ensure safety of your field team

We're proud of our impact.

The enormous wireless network owned and operated by iNet is only available to industrial companies like Halliburton and Schlumberger. That effectively makes iNet a major player in the private wireless networking industry in the US — the company’s network basically eliminates the need for its customers to build their own private networks in hard-to-reach, oil-rich areas of the US.

Meet the Biggest Private Wireless Network Operator You’ve Never Heard of, Mike Dano, Light Reading

Our solutions.

We provide extensive communications and connectivity solutions, in addition to customized engineered solutions by people who understand your industry.

Managed Services

Our remote connectivity services and solutions are supported by over 130,000 sq miles of 4G/5G LTE network, available for your use. Get remote voice and internet, video monitoring and surveillance, data storage and real-time transfer, and more. Connect your entire site, and scale across basins.

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IIoT Integration

Connect your IIoT devices, or lean on iNet to future-proof your operation with IIoT devices that are plug-and-play and seamlessly integrate to support your operation. See how visual monitoring, data analytics, AI and automation can improve your productivity and efficiency while reducing costs.

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Systems Integration

We help you design, build and operate your remote LTE network with our remote connectivity solutions and services. Get expert solutions and consultants, local 24/7 customer support and services and private LTE network and VSAT with backhaul.

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