Your expertise is field operations. Ours is remote communications. Let’s do this together.

Focus on your core business and leave the remote managed services to us. We provide end-to-end communications over the largest private 4G/5G LTE network in the Continental U.S. – so you don’t have to.

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Managed services: key features

Purpose-built to reach remote worksites

Our 130,000 square mile 4G/5G LTE network spans major shales basins in the Lower 48, providing end-to-end communications between your field sites and your office.

Secure, reliable and robust connectivity

Secure and reliable broadband speed, including 5G gigabit speeds at well pads, processing facilities and other remote sites.

Superior customer service and monitoring

Proactive network monitoring, field technicians and locally-deployed equipment sparing to ensure your field operations are always connected, 24/7.

Prioritized data traffic

Flexibility to provide critical data priority and traffic segregation over our network to ensure you always have the best information when making important decisions.

Fully-managed end-to-end remote communications solutions. We make it easy because the conditions are harsh.

Private licensed 4G/5G LTE network.

We own and manage a 4G/5G LTE network providing over 130,000 square miles of consistent coverage over major shales basins in the lower 48. We’re the foundational layer you need for a digital transformation of your oilfield or other remote operations.

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Alternative access technologies.

As backup for field sites beyond our private network coverage, we provide “off-net” connectivity via public wireless carriers and satellite (VSAT). We select the best networks available to deliver the quality of service you expect to support your applications and communications needs.

Basic communications services.

Our basic package of communications services includes voice (consumer wireless, VoIP, VoLTE), enterprise data connectivity and WiFi-enabled Internet access, all securely provided and supported over our private high-speed network.

Management of customer-owned field networks.

We can help you lower costs on your privately-owned field networks by designing, building, managing and supporting them on your behalf. With the same superior customer service you get when using our private licensed LTE network.

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We’re proud of our impact.

iNet promises upward of 99% reliability in its service-level agreements and can deploy its network immediately, granting “plug and play” connectivity for applications ranging from geosteering and drilling data collection to SCADA or video monitoring.

Close to the Edge: Enabling Remote Connectivity Across US Shale Patch, Bill Walter, Oil and Gas Investor

Remote communications challenges? Don’t try fixing them yourself. Rely on the experts.

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