Preferred provider of LTE and VSAT solutions to top U.S. companies.

iNet is a leading provider of private 4G/5G LTE networks, solutions and services, and has built a network dedicated to meeting your remote connectivity needs. Get secure, standardized and scalable solutions across your operations.

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Transform remote operations today for a digital future

Industry-leading communications network

Superior coverage for remote operations with our private licensed 4G/5G LTE and VSAT networks.

Secure Remote Connectivity

Secure, reliable remote connectivity with proactive 24/7 network monitoring to support your workforce

Integrated communications and industry expertise

Technology-agnostic approach that supports the integration of IIoT plug-and-play devices

24/7 Service and Support

24/7/365 remote monitoring and field support across 130,000+ square miles of the U.S.

We're proud of our impact.

iNet provides next-generation, wireless, broadband communications via 4G/5G LTE technology to customers in oil and gas and other critical-infrastructure industries such as utilities. In oil and gas, it has an expanding network that covers more than 130,000 square miles in key areas: the Bakken, Niobrara, Eagle Ford and Permian Basin as well as the Texas Panhandle and Kern County, Calif.

The Innovation Investment Club, Oil and Gas Investor, Chris Sheehan


iNet provides industry leading remote connectivity for everyone. Get managed connectivity and communications services that extend the reach of your community.


iNet supports smart farming and livestock control in over 130,000 square miles across Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and North Dakota agriculture communities. We solve issues with irrigation control and monitoring, smart tractors, drone control for aerial observation and more. Improve yields with better data, analytics and remote visual monitoring. Free up your resources and focus on your crops and livestock.


iNet with its broad experience and expertise, uses a combination of technologies to engineer custom communications solutions based on each customer’s operational needs. Enjoy communications and WiFi solutions, high speed remote internet, data and phone solutions for site offices and staff accommodations, remote site-to-office interconnectivity, onsite remote asset monitoring and automation, private point-to-point networks, portable solar-power plants, backup power and lighting and more.


iNet provides private and secure communications to remote assets and facilities for the renewable energy markets, such as wind farms and solar plants. We create for customers custom communication solutions to monitor individual sensors located on wind mills or power generation equipment associated with solar energy plants. In addition, our private LTE networks can provide secure internet access and/or cloud connectivity to field personnel working in and around the remote power generation facilities whether through direct LTE connections or WiFi enabled sites or work vehicles.


iNet allows Public Utilities, Wastewater and Rural Electric Co-Ops. to remove the communications barrier at remote locations. Our highly secure, private Industrial 4G LTE Network enables the Utility to implement critical applications in near real time.


iNet provides reliable, secure, and high speed 4G/5G LTE communications to government and their remote projects. We offer a wide range of remote connectivity services that’s ready whenever, and wherever in the U.S. you need to connect. Speak with our experts and get unmatched connectivity and security where you need it today.


iNet supports secure, reliable and high speed industrial 4G/5G LTE communications to smart cities and municipalities in underserved areas of the U.S. Our private LTE services support water/waste water management, traffic support, public works and public safety. We support multiple applications for Municipalities on one common network at an unmatched cost savings.


If iNet can provide drilling rigs with broadband, why can’t remote ISDs benefit form 4G/5G connectivity? We can help your district save and improve your connectivity service. Struggling with inconsistent communications and internet services? Do your students lack access at home? As your strategic partner, we’ll help standardize your services and increase what you can expect of your telecommunications provider.

Stop dreaming of the digital oilfield. Bring it to life today.

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