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Seeking the best return on your investment? Outsource your remote communications to iNet and save millions of dollars a year—and those are proven numbers! Compared to owning and operating your own private networks or working without the benefit of digital technologies, you can dramatically improve field productivity, lower operating costs and enhance safety, all while freeing up capital for drilling and production projects. We help organizations focus on their core business instead of using capital and resources to build and manage remote communications infrastructure. We’ll help you leverage the benefits of digital transformation today and future-proof your business for tomorrow.

Operations Executive

If you’re responsible for oil and gas drilling, completions and production – you need to be sure your remote communications partner can guarantee uptime, low latency and high bandwidth. Our network has been purpose-built to deliver reliable, remote communications in the Lower 48 across four major unconventional shale basins. Get end-to-end managed communications – from the wellhead to the corporate office. By using our remote communications network to monitor field operations, your business will require fewer trips to the field, which lowers costs, raises productivity and improves safety performance.

Field Operations

Your team doesn’t need to devote time and resources to managing field communications. We offer locally deployed field technicians and equipment sparing so your team can stay focused on their core work. Use iNet as your one-stop solutions provider. We’ll manage your field communications and help you manage costs across your well sites.
We already serve over 100 oil and gas producers, contract drillers and service companies in the Permian, Bakken, Eagle Ford and Scoop/Stack basins. Get reliable, robust, secure and intelligent connectivity, supported by 24/7 network monitoring and dedicated field support.

IT and Digital Transformation

The iNet network delivers reliable and secure 4G/5G LTE coverage communications over 130,000 square miles, augmented by VSAT (satellite) for expanded coverage. By leveraging our network, you can focus your resources and capital on managing your enterprise network and applications instead of building and managing custom remote communications infrastructure. We take a technology-agnostic approach and support the integration of any IIoT plug-and-play device. We’ll help you leverage the benefits of digital transformation today, including oil and gas automation, remote/real-time monitoring and predictive analytics. We also provide your foundation for a future-proof tomorrow, including the benefits of high-speed 5G NR.

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